okaasan (mom) - written/directed/produced by & starring Kana Hatakeyama

  • "...a simple and subtle film, but its emotions are very real and deeply felt...this is a quietly beautiful film that shuns cheap sentimentality and completely earns its moving payoff through hard work. Both Kana and Kako Hatakeyama give sensitive but highly disciplined performances...Very highly recommended." - J.B. Spins

  • "This is director Kana Hatakeyama's love letter to her mother. It is a wonderful little film...I can't recommend the film enough...And let's put Kana Hatakeyama on our "people to watch out for list" because if she can make a short this stunning what is going to happen when she is turned loose on a feature?" Unseen Films

Mary-Kate Olsen is in Love by Mallery Avidon, directed by Kristan Seemel at The Flea Theater

  • "Lee and Hatakeyama are so silly and so charming in their drawling Valley voices, sort of hobo-chic Eumenides." - Time Out New York

  • "Hatakeyama and Lee are ridiculously funny as the world's richest and most famous child-actor-turned-fashion-maven twins." - Theater Mania

  • "Kana Hatakeyama’s Ashley Olsen is humorous and morose but also genuine…The two are a stunning duo, playing off one another and managing to satire the famous Boho-chic twins without becoming one-note." - Theatre is Easy

  • "In the hands of Lee and Hatakeyama, the characters of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are hardly analogues for their namesakes. Rather, they represent our culture's obsession with celebrity. Their dialogue is bitingly satirical, and the actors' fantastically deadpan delivery is spot-on….One day Ashley decides to become a singer (the musical number that ensues is another of Lee and Hatakeyama's enjoyable accomplishments)." - Curtain Up

  • "Kana Hatakeyama and Christine Lee as Ashley and Mary-Kate respectively are quite lovely, serving as the focal point of comedy. They nail their non-sequesters with ease bringing the humor to life. They are the standouts of the production."  - Theater in the Now

Sarah Flood in Salem Mass by Adriano Shaplin, directed by Rebecca Wright at The Flea Theater

  • "Like most shows, small roles can win praise especially in a big cast. Kudos to...Kana Hatakeyama." - Times Square Chronicles

  • "A play that achieves something extraordinary: it invites radically new thought to the well-known, if not well-understood, events of the Salem Witch Trials, while also forcing the audience to reconsider their understanding of the past in general. It ushers the audience outside their comfort zone, defying expectations as a funny, tragic, performance art/theater mash-up." -  Show Business Weekly

Richie, Shakespeare's Richard II adapted & directed by Jay O'Berski

  • "Mention cannot be made of every cast member, even though they all have their special moments. Notable, however, are Kana “Momo” Northumberland." - The Five Points Star